Quenya 

amillë eruva lissëo

Mother of divine grace

The fourteenth line of Tolkien’s Quenya translation of the Litany of Loreto prayer (VT44/12). The first word is the noun amil(lë) “mother”. The second word is the adjective Eruva “divine”, the adjectival form of Eru “God”, meaning “of God, Godly” = “divine”. The final word lissëo “of grace” is the genitive form of the noun lissë “grace”, also seen in Erulissë “God’s grace” appearing in versions I-II of the first line of the Aia María prayer (VT43/26-7).

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

> Amillë Eru-va lissë-o = “✱Mother God-(adjective) grace-of”

Element in


  • Amille Eruva lisseo ✧ VT44/12