Quenya 


proper name. Lament for the Two Trees

The title of a lament for the Two Trees of Valinor after they were destroyed by Morgoth (S/76). It was composed by the Vanyarin elf Elemmírë and the title was translated as the “Lament for the Two Trees” (MR/100, 288).

Possible Etymology: This name is very unusual in that it has the letter [d] appearing between two vowels, something usually forbidden by the phonology of Quenya. The first element is clearly Aldu “Two Trees”, the dual form of alda “tree”, also seen in Aldúya “Day of the Two Trees”. The meaning of the second element must therefore be “lament”, but given its phonetic pecularities it is difficult to guess what its form might be as an independent word. Another Late Quenya word for lament is nainië (RGEO/58).


alda“tree, tree, [ᴱQ.] branch”


  • Aldudenië ✧ SA/alda
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