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noun. Maeglin

maeg (“sharp, piercing, penetrating”) + glîn (“gleam, glint [of eyes]”)

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masculine name. Sharp Glance, Sharp-glance

Son of Eöl whose treachery led to the fall of Gondolin, translated “Sharp Glance” (S/133). His name is a combination of maeg “sharp” and glîn(n) “gleam, glint” (SA/maeg, glîn; WJ/337).

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, his name was G. Meglin (LT2/164), and remained N. Meglin in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (SM/136, LR/274); the meaning of the earlier forms of this name is unclear. In Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s, Tolkien considered several other replacements: Glindûr, Targlîn, Morlîn and Morleg (WJ/91, 323), but ultimately settled on Maeglin (WJ/122, note §119).

Sindarin [LBI/Meglin.012; LT2I/Maeglin.001; LT2I/Meglin.011; PMI/Maeglin.001; S/133.3811; SA/glîn.009; SA/maeg.007; SI/Maeglin.001; SMI/Meglin.006; UTI/Maeglin.001; WJ/048.0307; WJ/122.4601; WJ/146.4601; WJ/323.0810; WJ/323.1502; WJ/323.4505; WJ/337.2908; WJI/Glindûr.005; WJI/Maeglin.001; WJI/Meglin.005; WJI/Morleg.005; WJI/Morlîn.006; WJI/Targlîn.005] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* Maeglin


Maeglin means "sharp glance" in Sindarin, a name which he received from his father when he was twelve. It is formed by the union of maeg, which translates as "sharp" or "piercing", "penetrating" and glîn, meaning "gleam", "glint" (of eyes). At birth, Aredhel gave Maeglin the mother-name of Lómion, meaning "Child of Twilight" in Quenya. It comes from lómë, a noun that translates as "dusk", "twilight" and also "night".

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