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collective name. Elf-friends

A term for the faithful of Númenor as friends of the Elves (S/266). It is a plural form of the name Elendil “Elf-friend”, and likely has a similar etymology.

Conceptual Development: In earlier writings it appeared as ᴹQ. Elendilli with two l’s (SD/403, PM/151).

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Elendil masc. name"Star-friend", "Lover or student of stars", applied to those devoted to astronomical lore. However, when the Edain used this name they intended it to mean "Elf-friend", confusing elen "star" and elda "elf" (WJ:410). (This idea that the name was misapplied seems to be late; Tolken earlier interpreted the name as an ancient compound Eled + ndil so that the meaning really was "Elf-friend"; see Letters:386. See also NIL/NDIL in the Etymologies, where Elendil is equated with "Ælfwine", Elf-friend.) Allative Elendilenna "to Elendil" (PM:401); Elendil Vorondo genitive of Elendil Voronda "Elendil the Steadfast" _(CO) Pl. Elendili the Númenórean Elf-friends (Silm)_; the variant Elendilli in SD:403 would seem to presuppose a stem-form Elendill- not attested elsewhere. Tar-Elendil a Númenorean king, UT:210.


collective name. Elf-friends, Elf-friends, Elf-lovers, Elf-lovers

A term for those friendly to the Elves, as opposed to those interested in them as a subject of lore: Eldandili or Quendili (WJ/412). This name is a compound of Elda “Elf” and the plural of meldo “friend”.

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