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noun. fiery prince

bara (“fiery”) + cund (“prince”)

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masculine name. *Fiery-prince

A Beorian lord, second child of Bregolas and father of Morwen (S/148). His name may be a combination of bara “fiery” and †cund “prince”.

Conceptual Development: The name N. Baragund appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (SM/297, LR/282). In The Etymologies, Tolkien designated its language as Noldorin with the etymology given above (Ety/BARAS, KUNDŪ).

In later writings, the language of this name is unclear. It is often assumed (as it is here) that later forms of the name are Sindarin with the same (or similar) derivations as that given in The Etymologies. However, it may be that the later form of the name was Beorian: in one place, Tolkien stated that Ed. gundu was the Beorian word for “lord” (PE17/113). See S. cund for further discussion.

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* Baragund


The full meaning of Baragund is unknown. The first element is said to consist of the Exilic Noldorin word bara ("fiery, eager"). The second element could perhaps be gund (cf. Felagund).

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