Quenya zR5Ì#


adverb. up

Also glossed as “upwards”, “up(wards)”.
Variations of the word: amba.

Element in: Q. ambalotsë, Q. Ambaráto, Q. ambarónë, Q. Ambarto, Q. Ambarussa

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preposition. on

A preposition attested only in the phrase “on us” in the Lament of Akallabêth, changing through the drafts as nēnum >> nēnu >> nēnud (SD/247, 312). Most authors identify -nud as the prepositional element (AAD/20, LGtAG, NBA/14), perhaps related to Q. nu “under”. If so, it may be a derivative of the Elvish roots √NŪ/UNU “under” or √NDU “down”, with a semantic shift to the meaning “on”.
Variations of the word: -nu.

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