Quenya zR5Ì#

an(a) 0

preposition. to

Also glossed as “towards”.
Variations of the word: an.

[PE17/127.2818; PE17/147.1016] Group: Eldamo. Published by

ana 0

preposition. to, towards

[PE17/127.2818] Group: Eldamo. Published by

ana- 0

prefix. to

Also glossed as “towards”.

[PE17/147.2111] Group: Eldamo. Published by


-ada 0

preposition. to

Also glossed as “toward”, “into”, “against”, “-ward”, “towards”.
A prepositional suffix variously translated as “(in)to” or “(to)ward”, and in one place “against” (SD/247, SD/429). It can appears as either -ada or -ad (SD/429), but in most examples it is -ada, the one exception being Gimlad “Starwards”.



Element in: AD. Gimlad

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