name. Orion, (lit.) Swordsman of the Sky

A name for Orion (LotR/1113), translated “Swordsman of the Sky” (LotR/1113), a combination of menel “the heavens” and the lenited form of magor “swordsman”.
Conceptual Development: In the Gnomish Lexicon from the 1910s, the name of Orion was given as G. Daimord “Shepherd of the Sky” (GL/29, 58).

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name. Orion, (lit.) Warrior of the Sky

The name of the constellation Orion (LotR/1113). This initial element of this name is telumë “roof, canopy” = “sky” (WJ/411). The second element might be mehtar “warrior” (a possible late variant of ᴹQ. mahtar; see /mehtar), but I think it could instead be ohtar “warrior”.
Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name appeared as ᴱQ. Telimektar “Swordsman of Heaven”, the son of Tulkas who would become Orion (LT1/101, 200). At this stage, the name was a compound of ᴱQ. telimbo “canopy; sky” and ᴱQ. mektar “swordsman” (LT1A/Telimektar, QL/90). In the Etymologies from the 1930s, this name appeared as ᴹQ. Telumehtar “Warrior of the Sky” (Ety/TEL). At this stage, its initial element was ᴹQ. telume “dome of heaven”, and its final element was most likely ᴹQ. mahtar “warrior” from ᴹ√MAK “sword; fight (with a sword), cleave” (Ety/MAK).
The later meaning of the root √MAK shifted so that it meant either “cut, hew with a sharp edge” (VT39/11) or “forge metal” (VT41/10). The form mahtar “warrior” does not appear in later writing; it seems to have been replaced by macar¹ “swordsman; †forger” (VT39/11, VT41/10). In later writings, the word for “warrior” seems to be ohtar (UT/282), which might be the second element in the later form of this name. However, it may be that Tolkien simply copied forward the older name without working out (or writing down) a proper etymology for it.

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