topon. Blessed Realm

The continent in the Uttermost West where the Valar dwelled after the first wars with Morgoth destroyed the world as it was initially created (S/37). Its name is derived from the same root √(A)MAN “blessed, unmarred” as the name of Manwë (PE17/162). The most common translation of this name was the “Blessed Realm” (S/62), though more precisely it describes the “unmarred” state of this land, free from the unfluence of Morgoth (PE17/162).
Tolkien elsewhere said that Aman was adapted from an (unknown) word from Valarin, meaning “at peace, in accord (with Eru)”, much as Manwë was an adaptation of Val. Mānawenūz (WJ/399). This is not incompatible with its derivation from the root √(A)MAN, which itself may have been adopted into Primitive Elvish from Valarin.
Conceptual Development: According to Christopher Tolkien, the idea for this name first emerged from Ad. Amân, the Adûnaic name for Manwë (SD/376). In Tolkien’s earliest writings, the name for the Land of the Valar was simply ᴱQ. Valinor (LT1/70), but in later writings this became the Elvish name for this land, whereas Aman was its “proper” name (PE17/106).

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topon. Blessed Realm, (lit.) Land of Manwë

The Adûnaic name for the Blessed Realm, home of the Valar (SD/388, SD/420). Its Quenya equivalent would be Aman, though Tolkien did not coin the Quenya name until a later conceptual stage of his legendarium. The Adûnaic word is derived from their name for the ruler of the Bless Realm: Amân (Manwë). Its literal meaning is “Manwë’s Land”.
Conceptual Development: The first Adûnaic name for the Blessed Realm was Zen’namân (SD/385).

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