Neologism! This text is a neologism, which means that it was not composed by Tolkien himself. The content presented herein should therefore always be considered as experimental and subject of debate.

Consider Sámo Collarwa the author of this work.


A Hymn to Elbereth, in the Tongue of Valinor

A Quenya translation of the hymn A Elbereth Gilthoniel, with an attempt to maintain the original iambic meter.

Per the abstract, some attempt was made to preserve the iambic tetrameter of the original, with only slight success. The English translation provided is also free, rather than literal, due to compromises made in changing it from Sindarin to Quenya. Namely, the use of the word tyelpë in line two. No direct cognate of silivren exists in Quenya, and rather than use the color white (i.e., fána), it seemed best to substitute silver instead. For the word "white" lacks the shining quality present in silviren ("white (glittering)"). While tyelpë is not ideal, it nonetheless brings to mind something like the shining of stars, due to its lustrous quality. It also preserves the rhythm more adequately than telepta, despite the latter being adjectival in nature (which would make it the same part of speech as silviren).

— Source [RGEO:72; Q.G. P73: Passive Participles]. Published and edited by Sámo Collarwa