Patch notes

Aldaleon #5

Change log 2017-07-22:

  • Re-enabled wildcard support for search terms. If you write aw*th it should henceforth yield awarth, wheras *aw would yield a words ending with aw, e.g. aw, baw, daw, gaw, maw etc.
  • Increased comment field size.
  • Added a polyfill for requestAnimationFrame to enable scrolling animations for Android devices.
Aldaleon #1090

Change log 2019-11-30:

  • Adjusted the horizontal main menu on the very top of the page for low resolutions
  • Added support for logging in with Discord - Tyalaron is the first contributor to log in with Discord!
  • Fixed the browser back button. It is now possible to press 'back' while navigating the dictionary.

Please note that these changes were released with the same version number as last night, so you may have to clear your browser history for the changes to reflect. Or just wait for your browser to realise that something has changed.

Aldaleon #1099

Change log 2019-12-06:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the caret jump to the bottom of the field when pressing enter within a body of text.
  • Ensured that gloss details are correctly managed throughout the contribution process.
Aldaleon #1108

Change log 2019-12-30:

  • Updated Eldamo's glossary to their latest version (0.7.4). This is a really big change as the glossary now includes peer-reviewed neologisms (i.e. invented words by the community).
  • Fixed a bug that forced you to tap or click on the suggestion when only a single result matched your query.
  • Improved code splitting by moving Glaemscribe and Recharts to their own modules. The change will improve load times.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some words from appearing in search results even though they existed in the glossary.
  • Tweaked the "Community activity" list.
Aldaleon #1250

Change log 2020-03-12:

  • [Dictionary] Added Fan invented label to neologisms (see feature request).
  • [Dictionary] Automatically jumps to the dictionary when you are clicking on word references anywhere on the website
  • [Discuss] Fixed the back button: you can now go back by clicking the back button once.
  • [Discuss] Fixed word references: clicking on them will open the dictionary.
  • [Global] Dates are now in the same localized format across Parf Edhellen.
  • [Global] Upgraded to latest version of our package dependencies.
  • [Global] Improved performance with better code splitting techniques. Non-essential modules are no longer loaded by default.

Phase contribution support will be coming soon! ?

Aldaleon #1252

Change log 2020-03-12(B):

  • [Phrases] Fixed an emergent server-side error when translating a word. You can now click on the words again.
Aldaleon #1281

Change log 2020-03-29:

You can now contribute new or suggest modifications to existing phrases in the dictionary! ? This is a really exciting day! Functionally, it works so I look forward to seeing your contributions, whether they are phrases by Tolkien himself, or your own neologisms (hint, Elaran, Tamas, Findegil!)

Contribute by going to your Dashboard > Contributions > Phrase. I will be documenting how it works soon.

One of the most exciting new features now part of Phrases is the ability to add an inline English translation. Phrases now also support multiple lines better than before, and much longer texts as well. Check out Markirya poem and a curse in Black Speech to see it in action! Yes, there are some visual kinks that I need to iron out over the next couple of days, and I will also be testing the phrases on a variety of different devices and make sure that the experience is just as good as I would like it to be.

This was the last major feature on my roadmap. I will be looking for your feedback on what to prioritize next. Please let me know in the feedback thread.



Aldaleon #1286

Change log 2020-04-01:

  • [Dictionary] You now only get suggestions based on the language you have selected. So, if you are looking for words in Sindarin only, the glossary will only provide such suggestions and glosses.
  • [Discuss] Avatars representing contributors on the landing page will now show their nickname when you hover over them.
  • [Discuss] The like-button is back with a call-to-action if you are not logged in.

Note: this is not a joke. I swear - try it out for yourself! ? You may need to clear your browser's cache to see the new changes as this is a minor update to the current version of Parf Edhellen.



Aldaleon #1287

Change log 2020-04-05:

  • [Phrases] Visual improvements with clearer call to action and word navigation. Also fixed the dates and introduced padding to focus on content, rather than the surrounding clutter.
  • [Phrases] Removed the this gloss is outdated warning while examining a word in Phrases.
  • [Discuss] Administrators can stick interesting threads again.


Aldaleon #1313

Change log 2020-05-09:

  • [Global] Increased minimum font size from 14px to 16px.
  • [Global] Added smooth scrolling instead of instant scrolling. This is an experiment to see whether the user experience is improved as a result.
  • [Phrases] Changed the highlight accent effect from red to blue (in keeping with the rest of the site).
  • [Phrases] Reorganized components and improved visual aspects such as padding, margins, font sizes et al.

I have also created a separate branch for migrating from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4, but like the JavaScript to TypeScript migration, that is going to take time. Migrating to Bootstrap 4 will be backburner while I focus on adding more content, planning next roll-outs according to your feedback, reintroducing ads on thew ebsite and fixing bugs as they are discovered.

Thank you for your continued support!


Aldaleon #1315

Change log 2020-05-13:

  • [Search] Added gloss group and type of speech as additional filtering options. Press + More options to use these additional fields. It does not look great on mobile phones right now. Expect visual improvements soon.
  • [Search] Persisted your search preferences so that next time you open the website, your preferences remain.
  • [Search] Fixed a bug that caused the user interface to get a complete list of languages every time you loaded the page. Local caching is now enabled.
  • [Search] Including additional preferences in the address, so that others with whom you share the address will see the exact same results as you.
  • [Search] Refreshed keywords for phrases, effectively making inflections more searchable than before.
  • [Phrases] Added helpful instructions to the form.
  • [Phrases] Fixed some visual glitches in the word editing grid view.
  • [Phrases] Parf Edhellen will now suggest gloss, type of speech and inflections automatically when you update the text body with new words, saving you time. Parf Edhellen will learn the more phrases you publish how to inflect verbs.
  • [Glossary] Capped maximum results to 1000 because I discovered that certain search terms yielded more than 23,000 glosses...
  • [Global] Upgraded to ES2016. Let me know if you have issues!