Maybe Neologisms need to be marked more clearly

Paul Strack #1211

Aldaleon, I do think that it’s a good idea for you to start incorporating neologisms into Parf Edhellen, but they might need to be marked more clearly. Unless the reader understands what the * marking means, they might not realize it’s a neologism. You might what to put them in their own Neo-Quenya or Neo-Sindarin language sections for clarity, maybe in a future release.

Aldaleon #1214

Hi Paul,

I agree that neologisms need to be properly labelled. I will look at ways to clarify these entities when I get back.

Regarding separating them in their own language, I was planning to use the so-called “gloss category” for this. All neologisms are assigned this category when imported, so all I need to do is to improve their visual representation and searchability in the glossary. I am reluctant to associate them with new languages because of the additional effort on behalf of the user to switch between canon and neo.

I will probably prioritise this over finishing the phrase contribution feature (it is taking far longer than I had first anticipated anyway); and deliver this change sometime in the next four weeks.



Paul Strack #1215

Well they are labeled now. I can easily tell which words are and are not neologism, since I am familiar with the conventions. I am only suggesting that the label be made more obvious to beginners.

I had someone suggest yesterday that S. *nigol “mouse” was attested, which struck me as weird. I don’t know where they got that from (here or Eldamo), so I thought it was worth making it super clear what is and is not from Tolkien.

Aldaleon #1216

Absolutely, and I agree! Expect improvements in this area soon!

Aldaleon #1228

This is what I have so far -- a new label associated with the gloss group (Github):

Label indicating that the word is fan invented

What do you think?

(I have noticed that some recently imported words [usually neologisms] are missing links to the original source. I will address this in a future update.)



Paul Strack #1229

That looks great! Very to hard to mistake.

Aldaleon #1251

This feature is now in production. See patch notes. Thank you for the suggestion, Paul!