Translation of unit names

Glingron #1269

Hello Aldaleon,

this should be the complete list:

  • Lórien Border Guard Swordsman - Sg. Magor Glandirith Lórien; Pl. Megyr Glandirith Lórien
  • Lórien Border Guard Archer - Sg. Pengron Glandirith Lórien; Pl. Pengryn Glandirith Lórien
  • Lórien Border Guard Pikeman - Sg. Eithor Glandirith Lórien; Pl. Eithyr Glandirith Lórien
  • Lórien Galadhrim Warriors - Sg. Maethor Galadhrim Lórien; Pl. Maethyr Galadhrim Lórien
  • Guards of Caras Galadhon - Sg. Tirron Caras Galadhon; Pl. Tirryn Caras Galadhon
  • Lórien Banner Carrier - Sg. Tolchollon Lórien; Pl. Telchellyn Lórien
  • Lórien Minstrel - Sg. Pethril Lórien; Pl. Pethril Lórien
  • Mirkwood Swordsman - Sg. Magor Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Megyr Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Archer - Sg. Pengron Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Pengryn Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Pikeman - Sg. Eithor Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Eithyr Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Palace Guard - Sg. Orbarthirron Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Orbarthirryn Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Border Guard Swordsman - Sg. Magor Glandirith Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Megyr Glandirith Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Border Guard Archer - Sg. Pengron Glandirith Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Pengryn Glandirith Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Elkrider - Sg. Northor Aras Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Nerthyr Aras Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Banner Carrier - Sg. Tolchollon Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Telchellyn Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Ent - Sg. Onod; Pl. Enyd
  • Spruce Ent - Sg. Onod Eithorn; Pl. Enyd Eithorn
  • Oak Ent - Sg. Onod Doron; Pl. Enyd Doron
  • Birch Ent - Sg. Onod Hwinn; Pl. Enyd Hwinn
  • Ash Ent - Sg. Onod Feren; Pl. Enyd Feren
  • Beorning - Sg. Beornion; Pl. Beornionnath
  • Rivendell Swordsman - Sg. Magor Imladris; Pl. Megyr Imladris
  • Rivendell Archer - Sg. Pengron Imladris; Pl. Pengryn Imladris
  • Rivendell Spearman - Sg. Eithor Imladris; Pl. Eithyr Imladris
  • Rivendell Blade Master - Sg. Maechir Imladris; Pl. Maechir Imladris (Alternative: Megilchir Imladris)
  • Rivendell Lancer - Sg. Eithrochben Imladris; Pl. Eithrochbin Imladris
  • Rivendell Loremaster - Sg. Angollon Imladris; Pl. Engellyn Imladris
  • Rivendell Loremaster of Stone - Sg. Angollon Gond Imladris; Pl. Engellyn Gond Imladris
  • Rivendell Loremaster of the Seas - Sg. Angollon Gaeair Imladris; Pl. Engellyn Gaeair Imladris
  • Rivendell Loremaster of Wind - Sg. Angollon Gwae Imladris; Pl. Engellyn Gwae Imladris
  • Rivendell Loremaster of Light - Sg. Angollon Calad Imladris; Pl. Engellyn Calad Imladris
  • Rivendell Catapult - Sg. Hadiod Imladris; Pl. Hadioed Imladris
  • Veteran of the Last Alliance - Sg. Borvaethor Gwennas Dell; Pl. Borvaethyr Gwennas Dell
  • Rivendell Banner Carrier - Sg. Tolchollon Imladris; Pl. Telchellyn Imladris
  • Glorfindel's Wind Rider - Sg. Rochben Gwae Glorfindel; Pl. Rochbin Gwae Glorfindel
  • Lindon Guardians - Sg. Tirron Lindon; Pl. Tirryn Lindon
  • Dúnedain Swordsman - Sg. Magor Dúnedain; Pl. Megyr Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Spearman - Sg. Eithor Dúnedain; Pl. Eithyr Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Archer - Sg. Pengron Dúnedain; Pl. Pengryn Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Banner Carrier - Sg. Tolchollon Dúnedain; Pl. Telchellyn Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Battering Ram - Sg. Dringod Dúnedain; Pl. Dringoed Dúnedain
  • Lórien Border Guard Quarter - Sg. Sam Glandirith Lórien; Pl. Saim Glandirith Lórien
  • Lórien Galadhrim Quarter - Sg. Sam Galadhrim Lórien; Pl. Saim Galadhrim lórien
  • Lórien Sanctuary - Sg. Aenas Lórien; Pl. Aenais Lórien
  • Lórien Forge - Sg. Tevil Lórien; Pl. Tevil Lórien
  • Lórien Citadel - Sg. Ost Lórien; Pl. Yst Lórien
  • Lórien Outpost - Sg. Ethast Lórien; Pl. Ethaist Lórien
  • Lórien Lantern - Sg. Calar Lórien; Pl. Celair Lórein
  • Lórien Guard Platform - Sg. Talan Tirith Lórien; Pl. Telain Tirith Lórien
  • Lórien Statue - Sg. Gondan Lórien; Pl. Gendain Lórien
  • Lórien Platform - Sg. Talan Lórien; Pl. Telain Lórien
  • Lórien Bridge - Sg. Iant Lórien; Pl. Iaint Lórien
  • Lórien Stairway - Sg. Pendrath Lórien; Pl. Pendraith Lórien
  • Beorning House - Sg. Bâr Beornionnath; Pl. Bair Beornionnath
  • Mallorn Tree - Sg. Mallorn; Pl. Mellyrn
  • Ent Moot - Sg. Hûd Enyd; Pl. Huid Enyd
  • Mirkwood Citadel - Sg. Ost Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Yst Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Troop Chamber - Sg. Sam Maethyr Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Saim Maethyr Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Vault of the King - Sg. Arrond Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Errynd Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Mirkwood Wine Cellar - Sg. Liphrond Taur-nu-Fuin; Pl. Liphrynd Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Rivendell Stable - Sg. Rochad Imladris; Pl. Rochaid Imladris
  • Rivendell Farm - Sg. Rîdh Imladris; Pl. Rîdh Imladris
  • Rivendell Siege Workshop - Sg. Carathad Dagor Imladris; Pl. Cerethaid Dagor Imladris
  • Rivendell Barracks - Sg. Herthad Imladris; Pl. Herthaid Imladris
  • Forge of Eregion - Sg. Tevil Eregion; Pl. Tevil Eregion
  • Rivendell Library - Sg. Parbar Imladris; Pl. Perbair Imladris
  • Rivendell Citadel - Sg. Ost Imladris; Pl. Yst Imladris
  • Rivendell Stair - Sg. Pendrath Imladris; Pl. Pendraith Imladris
  • Rivendell Gate - Sg. Annon Imladris; Pl. Ennyn Imladris
  • Rivendell Wall - Sg. Ram Imladris; Pl. Raim Imladris
  • Rivendell Mystical Fountain - Sg. Eithel Nathad Imladris; Pl. Eithil Nathad Imladris
  • Rivendell Postern Gate - Sg. Dolfen Imladris; Pl. Delfin Imladris
  • Rivendell Sentry Tower - Sg. Barad Tirith Imladris; Pl. Beraid Tirith Imladris
  • Rivendell Flood Gate - Sg. Nenand Imladris; Pl. Nenaind Imladris
  • Rivendell Author's Hall - Sg. Tham Teithyr Imladris; Pl. Thaim Teithyr Imladris
  • Rivendell Resting Place - Sg. Sennas Imladris; Pl. Sennais Imladris
  • Resting Camp of the Elves - Sg. Sennas Edhil; Pl. Sennais Edhil
  • Lindon Watchtower - Sg. Barad Tirith Lindon; Pl. Beraid Tirith Lindon
  • Dúnedain Outpost - Sg. Ethast Dúnedain; Pl. Ethaist Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Troop Tent - Sg. Tump Maethyr Dúnedain; Pl. Tymp Maethyr Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Healer Tent - Sg. Tump Nethyr Dúnedain; Pl. Tymp Nethyr Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Storage Tent - Sg. Tump Haudh Dúnedain; Pl. Tymp Haudh Dúnedain
  • Dúnedain Watchtower - Sg. Barad Tirith Dúnedain; Pl. Beraid Tirith Dúnedain
  • Hobbit Farm - Sg. Rîdh Periannath; Pl. Rîdh Periannath
Glingron #1310


I'd like to ask, if the following would be correct:

  • Galadriel the Blessed = Galadriel Bainwen
  • Galadriel the Queen of Storms = Galadriel Waebereth
  • Fellowship of the Ring = Erthad Cor / Gwadoras Cor

Furthermore, I would like to know if there are Sindarin cognates for the following names:

  • Nerwen (Q) - Dirwen?
  • Nówë (T/Q) - ??
  • Elendil (Q) - Elendil?
  • Isildur (Q) - Ithildur?
  • Anárion (Q) - Anorion?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Elaran #1322

There can be no non-final "ai" in Sindarin, words like bain would become "bein". Nor can there be initial W without mutation. The word for ring is rather *corf (read V), and "gwadoras" is a draft word that does not work in canonical Sindarin (an updated form could be *gochónas but I would prefer *covas).

I'm not sure about using bain as "blessed", and for "the Blessed" I would say "i Vaun" (from √MAN) like a title instead of a name. And for "Queen of Storms" I would say Alachíril. And finally Covas e-Gorf "Fellowship of the Ring".

The Sindarin cognate of Nerwen would be Derwen (old compound). Nówë would probably be (its etymology is somewhat unclear, it could rather be "Naw", but "Nû" is a safer bet). Elendil could remain as it is (if archaic) or become Elennil. The other two are correct-ish, except the last should be Anórion.

Glingron #1366

Thank you for your help and the explanation.

Glingron #1374

Hello again,

In the course of the preparations for the next version of our modification for the game we have some more terms that we would like to translate into Sindarin.

@Elaran: Since the list is again relatively long and you have already spent a lot of time on the other lists, I wanted to ask if it is possible to give you compensation for this.

  • Pavilion of Tranquility - Dinhad Imladris
  • Blessed Tree - Galadh ?
  • Enchanted Water Spring - Eithel Luthannen
  • Studies of Stone - Gelthennith Gond
  • Studies of Wind - Gelthennith Gwae
  • Studies of the Sea - Gelthennith Gaeair
  • Studies of Light - Gelthennith Calad
  • Heavy Armor - Barf 'orn
  • Magic Blades - Hethil ?
  • Gold Tip Arrows - Philinn Velthin
  • Blades of Eregion - Hethil Eregion
  • Golden Arrows of Eregion - Philinn Velthin Eregion
  • Fire Arrows - Philinn noer
  • Blinding Shots (Catapult Projectiles) - ?
  • Master Blades - Hethil Velaith
  • Longbows - Ping Anann
  • Silverthorns - Celebig
  • Silverthorn Arrows - Philinn Celebeg
  • Concealing Fog - Hithu ?
  • Safe Refuge - Caw Varn
  • Gifts of Lórien - Ainn Lórien
  • Wine of Dorwinion - Miru Dorwinion
  • Protect the Borders! - Berio Glain!
  • Captain of the Watch - Hest Tirith
  • Thranduil's Mobilization - ? Thranduil
  • Combat Training - ?
  • Improved Combat Training - ?
  • Great Combat Training - ?
  • Border Guard Spypost - Ethirad Glandirith
  • Billowing Fog - Hithu ?
  • Ban of Protection - ?
  • Blacksmithing Studies - Gelthennith Maenas?
  • Military Studies - Gelthennith Dagor?
  • Mystical Studies - Gelthennith ?
  • Advanced Blacksmithing Studies - Gelthennith Maenas Orchal?
  • Advanced Military Studies - Gelthennith Dagor Orchal?
  • Advanced Mystical Studies - Gelthennith ?
  • Horseman Shields - Thaind Arben
  • Reinforced Garrison - ?
  • Elven Transport Ship - ? Edhellen
  • Elven Battleship - Dagorgair Edhellen
  • Elven Bombardment Ship (Ship equipped with a siege ballista) - ? Edhellen
  • Elven Storm Ship - Alagosgair Edhellen

Thanks and best regards

Elaran #1375

No compensation needed.

There are quite a few problems in your list, and addressing them would take long, so I will just skip to mine.

  • Tummon Sîdh "Pavilion(Great-tent) of Peace/Tranquility".
  • Mangaladh "Blessed-tree"
  • Eithel Gorthannen "Enchanted Spring"
  • Engyl Gond "Studies of Stone"
  • Engyl Sûl "Studies of Wind"
  • Engyl (G)Aear "Studies of (the) Sea"
  • Engyl Calad "Studies of Light"
  • Barf Lung "Heavy Armour"
  • Maeg Corwas "Skill/Power/Ability/Magic Blade(s)"
  • Pilin Velthillin "Gold-pointed Arrows"
  • Maeg Eregion "Blade(s) of Eregion"
  • Melphilin Eregion "Gold(en)-arrows of Eregion"
  • Nerphilin "Fire-arrows"
  • Hent/Haint Dhommol "Blinding Shots"
  • Torvaeg "Master-blade"
  • Ping End/Aind "Long Bows"
  • Celebaeg "Silvertorn(s)"
  • Pilin Celebaeg "Silverthorn Arrow(s)"
  • Hîth Nolthol "Concealing Mist"
  • Sûd Varn "Safe Refuge"
  • Eny Lórien "Gifts of Lórien"
  • Limp Dorwinion "Dorwininon Wine"
  • Berio in-glain! "Protect the borders!"
  • Caun i-Dirith "Chief of the Watch"
  • Feriad Thranduil "Readying(Preparation[s]) of Thranduil"
  • Feriad Oeth "Readying of Strife" (Combat Training)
  • Feriad Daer Oeth "High Readying of Strife"
  • Feriad Dhaer Oeth "Great Readying of Strife"
  • Ethirithad Glandirith "Border-guard Spying-place"
  • Hîth Ethiriol "Out-flowing Mist"
  • Baud Berias "Ban of Protection"
  • Engyl Tanath "Studies of Smithing"
  • Engyl Dagor "Studies of Battle"
  • Engyl Duil "Studies of Secrets"
  • Engyl Air Tanath "Excelling Studies of Smithing"
  • Engyl Air Dagor "Excelling Studies of Battle"
  • Engyl Air Duil "Excelling Studies of Secrets"
  • Thend/Thaind Rochben "Horseman Shields"
  • Hothad Deriannen "Strengthened Army-place"
  • Cair Edhellen Coloth "Elven Ship of Transportation"
  • Cair Edhellen Dagor "Elven Ship of Battle"
  • Cair Edhellen Hadath "Elven Ship of ?Bombardment"
  • Cair Edhellen Alagos "Elven Ship of Storm"
Röandil #1376

Why not Berio in glain with nasal mutation?

Elaran #1381

Good catch. I couldn't double-check the whole list apparently. It will be fixed now.

Glingron #1385

Thanks a lot Elaran. I really appreciate your help. Also thanks to Röandil :)

Do you know if the Elves had a name for Goldberry? I know that they had a Sindarin name for Tom Bombadil, but I couldn't find anything for Goldberry. I thought of using something like River-daughter (Duiniel?) instead of translating Goldberry.

Furthermore, I'm looking for translations for the following:

  • Workers' Tools - Carf Drabor?
  • Forged Workers' Tools - Carf Danen Drabor?
  • Settlers' Tools - Carf Panron?
  • Forged Settlers' Tools - Carf Danen Panron?

Many thanks in advance an best regards

Elaran #1434

@Goldberry: I would say Síriel.

@List: You seem to have forgotten pluralisation. And there are some poor word choices, and mistaken constructions (n+r=dhr, not "nr"). Here:

  • Cerf/Cairf Múdyr "Workers' Tools"
  • Cerf/Cairf Dennin Múdyr "Workers' Forged Tools"
  • Cerf/Cairf Derthyr "Settlers' Tools"
  • Cerf/Cairf Dennin Derthyr "Settlers' Forged Tools"