-ya- Verbs

Tom Bombadil #346

I have a bit trouble to conjugate these Quenya verbs, for some of these forms are nearly unpronouncable. I read that both a and y become replaced by -ie in the perfect tense.

Simple past, future and aorist are also not my problem, but the present tense.

I simply can't pronounce -yea and if I try, it will sound like -ya or like the latin ae/german ä.

Does the y become replaced too, so that the present tense of verbs like horya-, telya- and valya- becomes horea, telea and valea instead of horyea, telyea and valyea? I think that I have read that anywhere, but I can not remember where and I could also not find a -ya- verb whose present tense is known. Could you help me?

PS. Apropros present tense of strange Quenya verbs. Does anyone of you have an idea what the present tenses of Rea- and Tea- could be like? Réa and Téa??? Maybe it would be easier to give the verbs Aorist and to put a silume-sse or silume-ve infront of them...

Tamas Ferencz #347

We actually have melyea, tulyea, oryea attested from melya, tulya, orya respectively, so your fears are confirmed...

I think verbs like tea- have identical aorist and imperfect forms. At least ea- has, which I think points to that.

Tom Bombadil #348

Really? I couldn't find it in parf edhellen. I always thought that nearly everything is in here. Anyway, thank you for the quick answer.

Aldaleon #354

Inflections are currently not indexed, and consequently not searchable. This is a known limitation since our last Eldamo import.

I will be mitigating this issue with our next import. However, for now, you can find aforementioned conjugations under the respective verb: