Litany against fear

Stephen #1111

Hello all!

New poster here (new member, as well, to get right to the heart of it) but I was directed to this site as a result of an idea I had.

The shortest version goes: what does the first two lines of the "Litany Against Fear" ("I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.") from Frank Herbert's Dune series look/sound like in Sindarin?

I found one online translator that gave me a phrase I don't fully trust - "Im must ú- nifred. Nifred na- i mind-belthor." but after looking around on here, some of the pieces are correct, and I like the noun form 'guruthos' for the death that is being conveyed.

Any suggestions from this community would be helpful, especially when it comes to linking-words. I also got some help from Hisweloke's Sindarin dictionary at

Stephen #1112

Okay, so I've done some more digging since my first post, and so far I've put together the following phrase: "Im boe al-gosta. Gosta pul nauth guruthos."


Elaran #1113

Dictionaries cannot help with grammar. And no "translator" can yield results that are anywhere near accurate, as the fact that it did not even translate "must" and "mind" should have clarified. As for your translation, I would rather not address it, nor would you want to read it, since it can get out of hand in terms of length.

Since you simply wish to get a translation of this phrase rather than studying the language itself, I think that it would be enough if I simply offered a proper translation. There are some technical details to address with regard to the elements that I will be using, but I will skip them in this case. Here:

Bauron uithad thoss. Thoss dâg ind.
"I must avoid fear. Fear kills (the) mind."

Ella #1222

Hey Elaran, I am new to the site and I am very interested in learning the languages. As such I have taken a stab at the translation. Rather than doing a word for word translation and to avoid grammar issues, I went ahead and edited the phrase to: Flee fear, fear kills the mind.

Would the following be an appropriate translation?

Drego thoss, thoss dâg ind.