Gloss “rahod” by Muigrohir created 7 hours ago


 noun. car, vehicle

Gilruin #2107

Keep in mind that rahod is the Gondorian pronunciation after ch becomes h or k in their dialect like in Rochand becoming Rohan. If you write a text that doesn’t employ this change (i. e. if you use any other word with ch unchanged), you should use this word in the form rachod. In this case it should be spelled rachod or rachod (and personally I believe that this more ancient spelling would be retained even when the pronunciation shifted to rahod, because speakers could see a relationship to rac. If I'm wrong, the spelling is rahod, rahaud seems strange in any case).

Aldaleon #2112

Thank you for pointing these things out. I had completely overlooked the Tengwar. I’ve updated it now, but I cannot change rahod > rachod yet without recreating the gloss. I’ll add that capability tonight.