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Qenya 


noun. inner or lower air
Qenya [Ety/WIL.024; Ety/WIL.122; EtyAC/WIL.045; EtyAC/WIL.089; LR/012.2608; LRI/Wilwa.001; SM/240.1010; SMI/Wilwa.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. air
Qenya [PE16/142.0401] Group: Eldamo. Published by


place name. Air

Name for the region of Air in Silmarillion notes from the 1930s (SM/236). It is simply vista “air as substance” used as a name.

Qenya [LRI/Vista.001; SM/236.0503; SM/240.1002; SM/241.1501; SMI/Vista.001; SMI/Wilwa.005] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. air, tune, song

Element in: MQ. Laurelin, MQ. lómelinde, MQ. morilinde

Qenya [Ety/GLIN.008; Ety/LIN².006; Ety/TIN.149-2] Group: Eldamo. Published by