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Qenya 


adjective. gone (for good), departed, vanished, lost, past, over, dead


  • ᴹ√WAN “depart, go away, disappear, vanish” ✧ Ety/WAN
  • ᴹ√BA(N) “go, proceed” ✧ PE22/097; PE22/106; PE22/112

Element in

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√WAN > vanwa[wanwa] > [vanwa]✧ Ety/WAN
ᴹ√BĀ/BANA > vanwa[banwa] > [βanwa] > [vanwa]✧ PE22/097
ᴹ√vā- > vanwa[banwa] > [βanwa] > [vanwa]✧ PE22/106
ᴹ√BA > vanwa[banwa] > [βanwa] > [vanwa]✧ PE22/112
Qenya [Ety/WAN; PE21/69; PE22/097; PE22/106; PE22/112] Group: Eldamo. Published by