Quenya 


proper name. Demon of Might

Quenya name for a Balrog, a combination of some derivative of the root √BAL “power” with rauco “demon” (SA/rauko, val; PE17/48). It also appeared as Valarauka (PE17/48).

Conceptual Development: In the Qenya Lexicon from the 1910s, their name was either ᴱQ. Valkarauke “✱Cruel Demon” or ᴱQ. Malkarauke “✱Torment Demon” (QL/58, 60, 101-2). In The Etymologies from the 1930s, the second form reappeared as ᴹQ. Malarauko of similar meaning (Ety/RUK), but in this conceptual period it seems to be a loan word from either Noldorin or Orcish (LR/404). The forms Valarauka or Valarauko emerged in Tolkien’s later writing (PE17/48, WJ/415).


  • S. Balrog “Demon of Might” ✧ PE17/048; PE17/048; SI/Balrog; SI/Valaraukar; S/031; WJ/415; WJI/Valarauko


BAL“power; powerful, mighty; have power”
rauco“demon, powerful hostile and terrible creature”


  • Valarauka ✧ PE17/048
Quenya [MRI/Valaraukar; PE17/048; S/031; SA/rauko; SA/val; SI/Balrog; SI/Valaraukar; WJ/415; WJI/Valarauko] Group: Eldamo. Published by