Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!

Qenya 


preposition/adverb. down, under, beneath


  • ᴹ√NU/UNU “*down, under” ✧ Ety/UNU
  • ᴹ√NDŪ “go down, sink, set (of Sun)” ✧ PE22/127

Element in

  • ᴹQ. unutikse “dot or point placed below the line of writing” ✧ Ety/UNU (unutekse)

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√UNU > undu[undū] > [undu]✧ Ety/UNU
ᴹ√NDŪ > undu[undū] > [undu]✧ PE22/127
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