Sindarin 

Umboth Muilin

noun. veiled pool

umboth (Dor. “large pool”) + muilin (Dor. “secret, veiled”)

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umboth muilin

place name. Twilight Meres, Veiled Pool

Doriathrin precursor to S. Aelin-uial translated “Twilight Meres” (LR/262). In The Etymologies, it was translated “Veiled Pool” and given as a combination of umboth “large pool” and muilin “veiled” (Ety/MBOTH, MUY).


umboth“large pool”
muilin“secret, veiled”


  • Umboth-muilin ✧ SMI/Umboth-muilin
Doriathrin [Ety/KHIS; Ety/MBOTH; Ety/MUY; LR/262; LRI/Umboth Muilin; SMI/Umboth-muilin; WJI/Umboth Muilin] Group: Eldamo. Published by