Quenya zR5Ì#



timpinë noun "spray" (LT1:268)

Sindarin iT2#7T5



1) (blown off wave-tops) gwing (i **wing) (foam, spindrift, spume), no distinct pl. form except with article (in gwing); 2) (of fall or fountain) ross (construct ros) (foam, rain, dew), pl. ryss (idh ryss**). (Letters:282) Note: homophones mean ”reddish, russet, copper-coloured, red-haired” and also ”polished metal, glitter”.

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Qenya zR5Ì#


noun. spray

[LT1A/Timpinen.024; PME/092.7907; QL/092.7401] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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