Sindarin 


noun. fear



  • THOS “frighten, terrify; show dread of” ✧ PE17/087

Element in

  • S. guruthos “dread of death, death-horror, shadow of death, dread of death, death-horror, shadow of death, [N.] fear of death” ✧ PE17/087
  • ᴺS. thossui “fearful, afraid”

Phonetic Developments

ÞOS > thos(s)[tʰosse] > [θosse] > [θoss]✧ PE17/087


  • thos(s) ✧ PE17/087


noun. fear

_ n. _fear. O.Q. þosse. >> di'nguruthos

Sindarin [(PE17 Sindarin Corpus) PE17:87] < ÞOS frighten, terrify. Group: Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus. Published by



(noun) 1) achas (dread), pl. echais. It is possible that the word is lenited in the source, and that it should have an initial g-; if so read gachas (i **achas), pl. gechais (i ngechais = i ñechais), 2) dêl (i dhêl, construct del) (disgust, loathing, horror), pl. dîl (i nîl), 3) delos (i dhelos) (horror, abhorrence, dread, detestation, loathing), pl. delys (i nelys), coll. pl. delossath. Note: a side-form ends in -oth (pl. -yth) instead of -os (-ys). 4) gôr (i ngôr = i ñor, o n**gôr = o ñgôr, construct gor) (dread, horror), pl. gŷr (i ngŷr = i ñŷr). Note: a homophone means ”vigour” but has different mutations. 5) niphred (pallor); pl. niphrid.