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sern aranath

place name. King Stones

Earlier name for the Argonath appearing in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (TI/366), a combination of the plural of sarn “stone” and the class-plural of aran “king”. It also appeared with the ordinary plural Sern Erain, and the singular form Sarn Aran (WR/98).


  • Sern AranathArgonath ✧ TI/366
  • Sern ErainSarn Aran “King Stones” ✧ WR/098


sarn“stone as a material”
aran“king, lord (of a specific region)”


  • Sern Erain ✧ WR/098; WRI/Sarn Aran
  • Sarn Aran ✧ WR/098; WRI/Sarn Aran
Noldorin [TI/366; TII/Argonath; WR/098; WR/132; WRI/Sarn Aran; WRI/Sern Aranath] Group: Eldamo. Published by


place name. King Stones

Noldorin [TI/366; TII/Argonath; WRI/Argonath] Group: Eldamo. Published by