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noun. cave

A Doriathrin noun for “cave”, also appearing as roth, derived from primitive ᴹ✶rǭda or ᴹ✶roda (Ety/ROD, EtyAC/ROD). The [[ilk|[d] spirantilized to [ð] (“dh”)]] as usual, then after the final vowel was lost the [[ilk|final [ð] became [θ]]] as suggested by Helge Fauskanger (AL-Doriathrin/roth). The original sound [ð] is preserved in the plural rodhin.


  • ᴹ√ROD “roof, cave” ✧ Ety/ROD
  • ᴹ✶rǭda “cave” ✧ Ety/ROD; EtyAC/ROD
    • ᴹ√ROD “roof, cave” ✧ Ety/ROD

Element in

  • Ilk. Menegroth “Thousand Caves” ✧ Ety/ROD

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶rǭda > rōdh > rōth[rǭda] > [rōda] > [rōða] > [rōð] > [rōθ]✧ Ety/ROD
ᴹ✶roda > rodh > roth[roda] > [roða] > [roð] > [roθ]✧ EtyAC/ROD


  • roth ✧ Ety/ROD (Dor. roth); EtyAC/ROD (Dor. roth)
  • rōth ✧ Ety/ROD (Dor. rōth)
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