Quenya 


proper name. Time of the Children

A term for the period in which an Elvish married couple set out to have their children in documents from 1959 (NM/22, 25-26, 31, 85), a combination Q. onna “child” and Q. lúmë “time”.

Conceptual Development: In one of these 1959 documents the term was Q. Onnarië instead (NM/16).


onna“child, child, *offspring; [ᴹQ.] creature”
lúmë“time, period of time, hour”


  • onnalúmë ✧ NM/022; NM/025; NM/026
  • ontalúmë ✧ NM/025; NM/026
Quenya [NM/022; NM/025; NM/026; NM/031; NM/085] Group: Eldamo. Published by