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feminine name. Nessanië

Older sister of Hallacar, known only from a genealogy chart on UT/210. Her name seems to be an elaboration on the name of the Vala Nessa.


Nessa“she that has manlike valour or strength”



nessa adj. "young" (NETH), alsoNessa as name of a Valië, the spouse of Tulkas (adopted and adapted from Valarin, or an archaic Elvish formation: WJ:404 vs. 416). Also called Indis, "bride" (NETH, NI1). The fem. name Nessanië (UT:210) would seem to incorporate Nessa's name; the second element could mean "tear" (nië), but since Nessa is not normally associated with sorrow, this #nië is perhaps rather a variant of "female" (compare Tintanië as a variant of Tintallë).



vinya (1) adj. "young" (VT46:22, VT47:26, PE17:191) or "new" (cf. compounds Vinyamar, Vinyarië below; cf. also winya "new, fresh, young" in a deleted entry in the Etymologies, VT45:16; there the word was first written as vinya.) Vinya "the Young", original name of the isle of Númenor among its own people (SD:332).



The meaning of Nessanië's name is not entirely clear, but appears to be derived from the Quenya name of the Valië Nessa.

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