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finwë third

Nelyafinwë noun "Finwë third" (after the original Finwë and Curufinwë = Fëanor), masc. name; he was called Maedhros in Sindarin. Short Quenya name Nelyo. (PM:352)


masculine name. Finwë third

The father-name of Maedhros, referring to the fact that he was third in the line of succession (PM/352). It is a combination of archaic †nelya “third” and the name of his grandfather Finwë. The short form of this name was Nelyo.

Quenya [PM/352.3303; PM/352.3401; PMI/Maedros.011; PMI/Maedros.012] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Nelyo see Nelyafinwë


well-shaped one

Maitimo noun "well-shaped one", mother-name (never used in narrative) of Nelyafinwë = Maedhros (PM:353)


masculine name. Well-shaped One

The mother-name of Maedhros (PM/353). It seems to be a compound of maitë “shapely” and the agental suffix -mo, translated “Well-shaped One” (PM/353, 366).

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