Primitive elvish


noun. goat

A primitive word for “goat” appearing in Common Eldarin: Noun Structure of the early 1950s, with masculine and feminine variants ✶najakō “he-goat” and ✶naikē “she-goat” (PE21/82). It might be an elaboration of √NAY “cause bitter grief or pain”, a root that was the basis for various “lament” words. This hypothetical relationship might be a later analog of the connection between early roots ᴱ√NYE(NE) “bleat” (the basis for “goat” words) and ᴱ√NYEHE “weep”; hat tip to Raccoon for suggesting this to me.


  • NAY “cause bitter grief or pain, cause bitter grief or pain, [ᴹ√] lament”


Element in

  • naikē “she-goat” ✧ PE21/82
  • nayakō “he-goat” ✧ PE21/82


  • najak- ✧ PE21/82
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