Sindarin 


proper name. Necklace of the Dwarves

The Necklace of the Dwarves holding a Silmaril (S/114), a combination of [N.] naugol “Dwarf” and mîr “jewel” (SA/mîr), the middle a perhaps being the archaic genitive suffix -a.

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name was G. Nauglafring (LT2/221), a form that was retained in the early Silmarillion drafts (SM/33, SM/134), but was replaced with Ilk. Nauglamír later in the 1930s (SM/313, LR/141). In The Etymologies, this name was designated Doriathrin [Ilkorin], with its initial element being the genitive of Dor. naugol “dwarf” (Ety/NAUK, MIR). This form was not updated in the Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s, but no longer fit the phonology of later Sindarin (the expected form would be Nauglavir). Either it was dialectical or (more likely) Tolkien never got around to revising it.


naugol“Dwarf (diminutive)”
-a“[old] genitive suffix”
mîr“jewel, precious thing, treasure”
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