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Middle Primitive Elvish


root. *dear, *dear; [ᴱ√] *soft, gentle

An unglossed root in The Etymologies of the 1930s serving as the basis for ᴹQ. moina and N. muin “dear” (Ety/MOY). An early root ✱ᴱ√MOYO “✱soft, gentle” is strongly implied by words appearing in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s: G. muig/ᴱQ. moika “soft, gentle” and G. muis “softness, tenderness, gentleness” (GL/58). The words G. muin/ᴱQ. moina “safe, secure” and G. muil/ᴱQ. moile “tarn [mountain lake]” may also be related. Given the semantic variation of all these words, it’s hard to know the common meaning (if any) of their root, but for purposes of Neo-Eldarin, “soft, gentle” is probably a good foundation.


  • moina ✧ Ety/MUY
    • On. muina “dear”
    • N. muin “dear” ✧ Ety/MOY
  • ᴺQ. moica “soft, gentle”
  • ᴹQ. moina “familiar, dear” ✧ Ety/MOY; Ety/TOR
  • ᴺS. muig “soft, gentle”
  • N. muin “dear” ✧ Ety/THEL; Ety/TOR
  • ᴺS. muis “softness, tenderness, gentleness”
  • On. muina “dear” ✧ Ety/MOY
    • N. muin “dear” ✧ Ety/MOY
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