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place name. Pillar of Heaven

Name of the highest and holiest mountain in Númenor, translated “Pillar of Heaven” (S/261). This name is a compound of menel “the heavens” and tarma “pillar” (SA/menel, tarma).

Conceptual Development: This mountain was referred to only as the “Mountain of Ilúvatar” in the first version of the “Fall of Númenor” (LR/27). Its Quenya name first emerged in the versions of the stories associated with the unfinished “Notion Club Papers” story from the 1940s, in forms such as ᴹQ. Menelmin(do) or Meneltyúla (SD/315, 335, 346), though at this stage it frequently appeared in its Adûnaic forms: Ad. Menel-Tûbal >> Minul-târik (SD/388). In the revisions of the Akallabêth in the 1950s, the name first appeared as Menelmindon but was soon revised to its final form Meneltarma (PM/146).

Quenya [Let/194; Let/204; LotRI/Meneltarma; LRI/Meneltarma; MRI/Meneltarma; PM/146; PMI/Meneltarma; S/261; SA/menel; SA/tar; SDI2/Meneltarma; SI/Meneltarma; UT/166; UTI/Meneltarma; VT42/21] Group: Eldamo. Published by



place name. Pillar of Heaven

The Adûnaic name of the Pillar of Heaven (Q. Meneltarma), the great and holy mountain at the center of Númenor (SD/249). The first element is the objective form of minal “the heavens”. The second element târik “pillar” is normally a noun, but in this case it behaves verbally with the sense “that which supports”, since the objective case requires a second verbal element (SD/429). Therefore, the literal translation of the name is “That Which Supports the Heavens”. Conceptual Development: The first Adûnaic name for this mountain was Menel-tūbil or Menel-Tûbal (SD/305, SD/363).

Adûnaic [SD/241; SD/249; SD/388; SD/429; SDI2/Menelmin] Group: Eldamo. Published by

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Qenya 


place name. Pillar of Heaven
Qenya [PM/146; PMI/Meneltarma; SD/302; SD/315; SD/335; SDI2/Menelmin] Group: Eldamo. Published by


place name. pillar of heaven

Variations of the word: Menelmindon, Menelminda, Menelmindo.


menelthe heavens-
mindo(n)(isolated) tower-
Qenya [SD/335.3909; SDI2/Menelmin.001; SD/302.0308; SDI2/Menelmin.013; SD/315.3901; SDI2/Menelmin.014; PM/146.3706; PMI/Meneltarma.009] Group: Eldamo. Published by