Quenya 

mindon eldaliéva

place name. Lofty Tower of the Eldalië

The high tower of Ingwë at the summit of Túna in the city of Tirion (S/59), in some places simply called Mindon (S/70). This name is a combination of mindon “(lofty) tower” and the possessive form of Eldalië “Elven-folk”.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s this tower was called ᴹQ. Ingwemindon the “Tower of Ingwë” (LR/222).


mindon“(lofty) tower, (lofty or isolated) tower; [ᴱQ.] turret”
Eldalië“People of the Elves, Elven-folk, People of the Eldar, Elven-folk, [ᴹQ.] Elf-folk”


  • Mindon ✧ SA/minas; SDI1/Mindon
Quenya [LBI/Mindon Eldaliéva; LT1I/Mindon Eldaliéva; MR/090; MR/180; MRI/Mindon Eldaliéva; SA/minas; SDI1/Mindon; SI/Mindon Eldaliéva] Group: Eldamo. Published by


the elven-folk

Eldalië noun "the Elven-folk" (often used vaguely to mean all the race of Elves, though it properly did not include the Avari) (WJ:374, ÉLED; possessive Eldaliéva in the name Mindon Eldaliéva, q.v.) "Qenya" genitive in -n in Eldalien as part of the title Quenta Eldalien "History of the Elves" (SD:303).


(great, lofty) tower

mindon noun "(great, lofty) tower", said to be an augmented form of mindë (VT42:24). Allative pl. mindoninnar in Markirya, changed to the contracted form mindonnar. Cf. also Mindon Eldaliéva "Lofty Tower of the Eldalië" (Silm)