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proper name. Swordsman of the Sky

A name of the constellation Orion, also called Telumehtar (LotR/1038). This name is a compound of menel “the heavens” and macar “swordsman”, and was translated “Swordsman of the Sky” (MR/71).

Conceptual Development: In the Early Quenya from the 1920s, another name for Orion was ᴱQ. Taimordo (QL/62), though in the narratives he appeared as ᴱQ. Telimektar (LT1/101), precursor to Q. Telumehtar. In the Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60, there is a variant form of this name: Q. Menelmacil “✱Sword of the Sky”.


  • S. Menelvagor “Orion, (lit.) Swordsman of the Sky” ✧ LotR/1113; MRI/Menelvagor


menel“the heavens, firmament, sky”
macar“swordsman; †forger”


  • Menelmakar ✧ MR/071; MRI/Menelmakar; MRI/Menelvagor; PMI/Menelmakar
Quenya [LotR/1113; MR/071; MRI/Menelmakar; MRI/Menelvagor; PMI/Menelmakar; SA/menel; SI/Menelmacar] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Menel noun "heavens" (Markirya, SA), "the heavens, the firmament" (SD:401), "the apparent dome in the sky" (MR:387). Menel Cemenyë ("k") "Heaven and Earth" (VT47:30). Found in names like Meneldil "Heaven-friend" = astronomer (Appendix A; Letters:386), Meneldur masc. name, "Heaven-servant" (Appendix A, Tar-Menelduras a Númenórean King, UT:210); menelluin "sky-blue", used as noun = "cornflower" (J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator p. 193). Menelmacar "Swordsman of the Sky", the Orion constellation (also called Telumehtar, Appendix E, first footnote); the older name was Menelmacil "Heaven-sword" (WJ:411); Meneltarma "Pillar of Heaven", name of the great central mountain of Númenor (SA:tar, VT42:21).Menelya fifth day of the Eldarin six-day week, dedicated to the heavens (Appendix D) Locative meneldë "in heaven"; abandoned forms menellë, menelzë (VT43:12, 16). Adj. meneldëa "(being) in heaven", evidently based on a locative form meneldë "in heaven"; abandoned forms menelzëa, menellëa, menelessëa (VT43:13, VT44:16; the last of these forms would suggest the locative form #menelessë).



macar ("k") (1) noun "swordsman" (VT39:11). In Menelmacar (see menel). According to VT41:10, macar is literally "forger" (derived from maca-, q.v.), "often used in later use of a warrior".



mectar _("k")_noun"Swordsman". In Telimectar ("k"). (LT1:268; in LotR-style Quenya mehtar, also macar)



Telimectar ("k")noun, name of constellation,"Orion", lit. "Swordsman of Heaven". Also Telimbectar ("k"). (LT1:268; in Tolkien's later Quenya Telumehtar)



Telimbectar ("k") noun,name of constellation:"Orion", lit. "Swordsman of Heaven". Also Telimectar ("k"). (LT1:268; in Tolkien's later Quenya Telumehtar, q.v. The combination ct is not found in LotR-style Quenya.)


dome, copula

telluma noun "dome, copula", especially the "Dome of Varda" over Valinor, but also applied to the domes of the mansion of Manwë and Varda upon Taniquetil. Adopted from Valarin _delgūmā under the influence of pure Quenya telumë (WJ:399, 411). Pl. tellumar is attested (Nam, RGEO:66)_.


shepherd of the sky

Taimavar masc. name "Shepherd of the Sky", Orion (LT1:268; Orion is called Telumehtar or Menelmacar in Tolkien's later Quenya)


dome, roof, canopy

telumë noun "dome, roof, canopy" (TEL/TELU, WJ:411 cf. 399; see also telluma); "firmament" (MC:214), inflected telumen in MC:221 (the latter is "Qenya"). Telumehtar "warrior of the sky", older name of Menelmacar = Orion (Appendix E, TEL/TELU, WJ:411); Telumendil *"Sky-friend", name of a constellation (Silm)



Taimondo, also Taimordo masc. name "Orion" (LT1:268; Orion is rather called Telumehtar or Menelmacar in Tolkien's later Quenya)