Quenya 


masculine name. *Servant of the Heavens

The Quenya name of the fifth king of Númenor, a compound of menel “the heavens” and -(n)dur “-servant”, that is: “✱Servant of the Heavens”. He adopted this name because of his love of star-lore (UT/219).


menel“the heavens, firmament, sky”
-(n)dur“servant; to serve”
Quenya [LotRI/Tar-Meneldur; PMI/Meneldur; PMI/Tar-Meneldur; UT/210; UT/219; UTI/Meneldur; UTI/Tar-Meneldur] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Menel noun "heavens" (Markirya, SA), "the heavens, the firmament" (SD:401), "the apparent dome in the sky" (MR:387). Menel Cemenyë ("k") "Heaven and Earth" (VT47:30). Found in names like Meneldil "Heaven-friend" = astronomer (Appendix A; Letters:386), Meneldur masc. name, "Heaven-servant" (Appendix A, Tar-Menelduras a Númenórean King, UT:210); menelluin "sky-blue", used as noun = "cornflower" (J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator p. 193). Menelmacar "Swordsman of the Sky", the Orion constellation (also called Telumehtar, Appendix E, first footnote); the older name was Menelmacil "Heaven-sword" (WJ:411); Meneltarma "Pillar of Heaven", name of the great central mountain of Númenor (SA:tar, VT42:21).Menelya fifth day of the Eldarin six-day week, dedicated to the heavens (Appendix D) Locative meneldë "in heaven"; abandoned forms menellë, menelzë (VT43:12, 16). Adj. meneldëa "(being) in heaven", evidently based on a locative form meneldë "in heaven"; abandoned forms menelzëa, menellëa, menelessëa (VT43:13, VT44:16; the last of these forms would suggest the locative form #menelessë).