Sindarin 


proper name. Tree of Gold

A name of Laurelin translated “Tree of Gold” (MR/155), apparently a combination of a variant form of the adjective [N.] malthen “of gold” and orn “tree” (Ety/SMAL). The initial adjective melthin- appears to be plural, though the reason why is unclear since the second element is obviously singular.

Conceptual Development: The name N. Melthinorn appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (LR/30). It also appears in The Etymologies, which is the source of the derivation above (Ety/SMAL). In the same entry, there is an archaic form †Mellinorn, apparently containing a plural of N. mallen.


malthen“of gold”
orn“(tall) tree”
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