Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!

Early Primitive Elvish


root. *thirst, parched

An unglossed root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s with derivatives mostly having to do with thirst such as ᴱQ. loima “parched, dry”, ᴱQ. loime “thirst”, and ᴱQ. loyo- “be thirsty” (QL/55). Tolkien first gave the root as LOẎO, indicating an ancient palatal [c] or [ɟ], but changed it to LOY̯O indicating ancient [j]. It also had derivatives in contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon, such as G. luib “thirsty” and G. luista- “to parch, dry up” (GL/55). In Tolkien’s later writing, the root √LOY has to do with failure and mistakes.


  • LOẎOLOY̯O ✧ QL/056


  • Eq. loima “parched, dry” ✧ QL/056
  • Eq. loyo- “be thirsty (impers.)” ✧ QL/056
  • Eq. loire “thirsty” ✧ QL/056
  • Eq. loime “thirst” ✧ QL/056
  • G. luib “thirsty”
  • G. luist “thirst”
  • G. luista- “to be thirsty; to parch, dry up”


  • LOY̯O ✧ QL/056
  • LOẎO ✧ QL/056 (LOẎO)
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