Quenya 

lambë valarinwa

Language of the Valar


  • Lambe Valarinwa ✧ WJ/397
  • lambë Valarinwa ✧ WJI/Valarin
Quenya [WJ/397; WJI/Lambë Valarinwa; WJI/Valarin] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Valarin adj. "Valian", of or relating to the Valar, as noun = Lambë Valarinwa "Valarin tongue" (WJ:397). It may be that Valarinwa is the normal form of the adjective "Valian" in Quenya.



lamba (1) noun "tongue" (physical tongue, while lambë = "language") (WJ:394, LAB; according to VT45:25, Tolkien first wrote lambe, but as noted, this alternative form is rather used for "tongue" in the sense of "language")


noun. tongue

Quenya [PE 22:102] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by


tongue, language

lambë noun "tongue, language" (the usual word for 'language' in non-technical use) (WJ:368, 394, ÑGAL/ÑGALAM), "the language or dialect of a particular country or people...never used for 'language' in general, but only for particular forms of speech" (VT39:15); also name of tengwa #27 (Appendix E). (In early "Qenya", lambë was defined as "tongue" of body, but also of land, or even = "speech" [LT2:339]. In LotR-style Quenya lambë only means "tongue = speech", whereas the word for a physical tongue is lamba.) Lambë Valarinwa "Valarin tongue" (WJ:397), lambë Quendion "the language of the Elves" (PM:395), Lambengolmor pl. noun "Loremasters of Tongues", a school founded by Fëanor (WJ:396); sg. #Lambengolmo. Spelt Lambeñgolmor in VT48:6.


tongue, language

quetil ("q")noun "tongue, language" (KWET)