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Laer Cú Beleg

noun. song of the great bow

laer (“song”), cû (“bow”), beleg (“great, mighty”) #The lack of lenition in beleg could be explained by dialectal differences or by the play of words “Great Bow” - “Bow of Beleg”.

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laer cú beleg

proper name. Song of the Great Bow

The song of mourning for Beleg (S/209), a combination of laer “song”, “bow” and beleg “great” (SA/beleg, cú).


“bow, bow; [N.] arch, crescent; [G.] waxing or waning moon”
beleg“great, mighty; large, big, great, mighty; large, big, [ᴱN.] huge”
Sindarin [LBI/Laer Cú Beleg; S/209; SA/beleg; SA/cú; SI/Laer Cú Beleg] Group: Eldamo. Published by