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Qenya 


noun. ringing sound, echo, sound
Qenya [Ety/LAM.006; PE18/030.0102-1; PE18/040.0102-1; PE22/011.0511] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. animal, animal, beast, head of cattle or sheep
Qenya [PE14/042.2503; PE14/042.2506; PE14/044.2202; PE14/044.2203; PE14/044.2204; PE14/044.2205; PE14/044.2206; PE14/044.2207; PE14/044.2208; PE14/044.2302; PE14/044.2303; PE14/044.2304; PE14/044.2305; PE14/044.4202; PE14/070.2515; PE14/070.2605; PE14/071.2610; PE14/071.2613; PE14/074.1601; PE14/074.1803; PE14/074.1805; PE14/074.1806; PE14/074.1808; PE14/074.1809; PE14/074.1811; PE14/074.1812; PE14/074.2302; PE14/074.2303; PE14/074.2304; PE14/074.2305; PE15/69.3204; PE15/69.3701; PE16/132.0501; PE16/132.0502; QL/050.6701; QL/050.6804; QL/050.6806; QL/050.7505] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. flock
Qenya Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. animal, tame beast
Qenya [PE21/19.4207; PE21/19.4208; PE21/28.0301; PE21/28.0302; PE21/28.0303; PE21/28.0304; PE21/28.0305; PE21/28.0306; PE21/28.0307; PE21/28.0308; PE21/28.0501; PE21/28.0502; PE21/28.0503; PE21/28.0701; PE21/28.0702; PE21/28.0703; PE21/28.0704; PE21/28.0705; PE21/28.0706; PE21/28.0707; PE21/28.0901; PE21/28.0902; PE21/28.1101; PE21/28.1102; PE21/28.1103; PE21/28.1104; PE21/28.1105; PE21/28.1106; PE21/28.1107; PE21/28.1301; PE21/28.1302; PE21/28.1303; PE21/28.1304; PE21/28.1305; PE21/28.1603; PE21/28.1605; PE21/28.1612; PE21/28.1614; PE21/28.1704; PE21/28.1705; PE21/28.1707; PE21/28.1708; PE21/28.1801; PE21/28.1804; PE21/28.1807; PE21/28.1902; PE21/28.1903; PE21/28.1904; PE21/28.1905; PE21/28.1906; PE21/28.1907; PE21/28.1908; PE21/28.2005; PE21/28.2006; PE21/28.2007; PE21/28.2008; PE21/28.2009; PE21/28.201; PE21/28.2011; PE21/28.2012; PE21/28.2101; PE21/28.2102; PE21/28.2104; PE21/28.2108; PE21/28.2109; PE22/116.2611] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. flock
Qenya Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. flock
Qenya [QL/050.7201; QL/050.7204; QL/050.7701] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. animal, animal, beast
Qenya [PE22/111.0213; PE22/116.0413] Group: Eldamo. Published by