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Qenya 


noun. enemy
Qenya [Ety/KOT.030] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. enemy
Qenya [PE21/05.0207; PE21/05.0306; PE21/05.0405; PE21/05.0505; PE21/05.0606; PE21/05.0705; PE21/05.0805; PE21/05.0905; PE21/05.1005; PE21/05.1105; PE21/05.1205; PE21/05.1506; PE21/05.1706; PE21/05.1805; PE21/05.1905; PE21/05.2005; PE21/05.2105; PE21/05.2205; PE21/05.2305; PE21/05.2405; PE21/05.2505; PE21/05.2605; PE21/05.2705; PE21/05.2806; PE21/38.1212; PE21/48.0405; PE21/48.0902; PE21/48.1006; PE21/48.1102; PE21/48.1904; PE21/48.2202; PE21/48.2402; PE21/48.2403; PE21/49.0201; PE21/49.0401; PE21/49.0603; PE21/49.0605] Group: Eldamo. Published by