Primitive elvish


root. gather, collect

A root Tolkien invented to explain S. mae govannen “well met”, serving as the basis for the verb S. covad(a)- “bring together, make meet” (PE17/16, 157-158). Tolkien gave this root as both √KOB and √KOM, but some of its Quenya derivatives can only be derived from √KOM: Q. comya- “to collect” and Q. ócom- “to gather, assemble”. For Tolkien’s earlier conceptions on the foundations for mae govannen, see the entry on √BA(N).


  • ᴺQ. cómë “[computer] file, *document”
  • Q. comya- “to collect” ✧ PE17/158
  • Q. conta- “[unglossed]” ✧ PE17/157
  • Q. ócom- “to gather, assemble” ✧ PE17/157; PE17/158
  • Q. (o)combë “gathering, assembly, assemblage, collection, gathering, assembly, assemblage, collection, *congregation” ✧ PE17/157; PE17/158
  • S. cova- “to come together, meet; to gather, assemble” ✧ PE17/157; PE17/158
  • S. covad(a)- “to bring together, make meet” ✧ PE17/016; PE17/158


  • KOB- ✧ PE17/016 (KOB-)
  • KOB ✧ PE17/150; PE17/157 (KOB); PE17/158; PE17/158
Primitive elvish [PE17/016; PE17/150; PE17/157; PE17/158] Group: Eldamo. Published by


root. gather, collect