Quenya 


masculine name. Son of Ingwë

The son of Ingwë (WJ/246), whose name is a compound of the name of his father Ingwë and the patronymic suffix -ion “-son”.

Conceptual Development: The basic development of this name was: ᴱQ. Isilmo (as son of ᴱQ. Isil, QL/43) >> ᴱQ. Ingil (LT1/022, Ety/ING) >> ᴹQ. Ingwiel (SM/156, LR/326) >> Q. Ingwil (NM/128) >> Q. Ingwion (WJ/246). The meanings of earlier forms of this character’s name are unclear, but they all contain his father’s name as an element. See the entries for the earlier name for more details.


-ion“-son, masculine patronymic”
Quenya [WJ/246; WJI/Ingwion] Group: Eldamo. Published by