Quenya 


verb. to adopt

A neologism coined by Paul Strack in 2018 specifically for Eldamo, a combination of √KHIN “child” and the verb suffix -ta. I made this neologism as a simplified replacement for various neologisms by Petri Tikka in PPQ (PPQ) from the early 2000s: ᴺQ. yenta- “adopt a daughter”, ᴺQ. yonta- “adopt a son”, ᴺQ. yentarë “adoptive mother (for a daughter)”, ᴺQ. yentaro “adoptive father (for a daughter)”, ᴺQ. yontarë “adoptive mother (for a son)”, ᴺQ. yontaro “adoptive father (for a son)”. This list seems like drastic overkill for what was likely a very rare event among the elves.


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