noun. star, star (in the sky)

A noun translated “star” (SD/431) or “star (in the sky)” (SD/427), and fully declined on SD/431 as an example of a Strong II noun.

Adûnaic [SD/427.3206; SD/427.3908; SD/428.03101; SD/428.3607; SD/431.0404; SD/431.0603; SD/431.0703; SD/431.0805; SD/431.0806; SD/431.0903; SD/431.0904; SD/431.1004; SD/431.1103] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. star, star (draft)

Christopher Tolkien mentions this as a noun meaning “star” from early and unpublished materials related to “The Notion Club Papers” stories (PM/372). It may be an element in the early Adûnaic name Indilzar for Elros. As Indilzar was replaced by Gimilzôr, it is likely that azar was replaced by gimli and gimil, which are well attested in later writings.

Adûnaic [PM/372.4601] Group: Eldamo. Published by