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fíriel’s song

Fíriel’s Song

A poem appearing in the Lost Road (LR/72), sung by the maiden Fíriel. The version presented here is the one appearing on LR/72 with the revisions noted by Christopher Tolkien in lines 4-6 lines added, but excluding the change of Melko >> Alkar made after the typescript was completed. @@@


Ilu Ilúvatar en káre eldain a fírimoin“the Father made the World for Elves and Mortals”
ar antaróta mannar Valion: númessier“and he gave it into the hands of the Lords: they are in the West”
toi aina, mána, meldielto — enga morion: talantie“they are holy, blessed, and beloved — save the dark one: he is fallen”
Melko Mardello lende: márie“Melko has gone from Earth: it is good.”
en kárielto eldain Isil, hildin Úr-anar; toi írimar“for Elves they made the Moon, but for Men the red Sun; which are beautiful”
ilyain antalto annar lestanen Ilúvatáren“to all they gave in measure the gifts of Ilúvatar”
Ilu vanya, fanya, eari, i-mar, ar ilqa ímen“the World is fair, the sky, the seas, the earth, and all that is in them”
írima ye Númenor“lovely is Númenor”
nan úye sére indo-ninya símen, ullume“but my heart resteth not here for ever”
ten sí ye tyelma, yéva tyel ar i narqelion“for here is ending, and there will be an end and the Fading”
íre ilqa yéva nótina, hostainiéva, yallume“when all is counted, and all numbered at last”
ananta úva táre fárea, ufárea“but yet it will not be enough, not enough”
man táre antáva nin Ilúvatar, Ilúvatar?“what will the Father, O Father, give me”
enyáre tar i tyel, íre Anarinya qeluva“in that day beyond the end, when my Sun faileth”