Noldorin 


masculine name. Cloud-lord

Noldorin equivalent of ᴹQ. Fantur, surname of Mandos and Lórien, derived from the same primitive form ᴹ✶Spanturo (Ety/SPAN, TUR; EtyAC/SPAN). It also appears in its plural form Fennuir, Fennyr (Ety/SPAN, Ety/LEP). In an early (rejected) entry in The Etymologies it was glossed “cloud-lord” (EtyAC/SPAN).

Conceptual Development: In the Gnomish Lexicon from the 1910s, the surname of the Vala-brothers was G. Fanthor (GL/18, 34).


  • ᴹQ. Fantur “Lord of Cloud” ✧ Ety/LEP; Ety/TUR; EtyAC/SPAN


  • ᴹ✶Spanturo “lord of cloud” ✧ Ety/SPAN
  • ᴹ√SPAN “white” ✧ Ety/SPAN

Element in

  • N. Ar Fennuir “Day of the Fanturi, fourth day of the Valian week” ✧ Ety/LEP
  • N. Gurfannor “Lord of Death-cloud”
  • N. Olfannor “Lord of Dream-cloud”

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶Spanturo > Fennyr/Fennuir[spanturo] > [spantur] > [spantʰur] > [spanθur] > [sɸanθur] > [ɸanθur] > [fanθur] > [fanθor] > [fannor]✧ Ety/SPAN


  • Fennyr/Fennir ✧ EtyAC/SPAN
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