Quenya 


collective name. Sea-elves, Sea-elves, (lit.) Wave-folk, Wave-folk

A name for the Teleri as Elves of the sea (S/53). It is an elaboration on falma “wave” (SA/falas) and its literal meaning is “Wave-folk” (PM/386).

Conceptual Development: Earlier Quenya words connecting the third tribe of Elves to the sea include ᴱQ. Solosimpe “Shore Piper” (LT1/50; QL/35, 85), ᴹQ. SolonyeldiSurf Singers” (Ety/NYEL, SOL) and ᴹQ. FalanyelBeach Singer” (Ety/PHAL).

Quenya [MRI/Falmari.001; MRI/Soloneldi.011; PM/386.0205; PMI/Falmari.001; S/053.1501; SA/falas.029; SI/Falmari.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


(crested/foaming) wave

falma noun "(crested/foaming) wave" (PHAL/PHÁLAS), "a wave-crest, wave" (VT42:15), "foam wave" (PE17:127), "a breaker" (PE17:62), partitive pl. falmali "many waves" (PE17:73), allative falmalinnar "on the foaming waves" in Namárië(Nam, RGEO:67); the phrase an i falmalī _(PE17:74) seems to be a paraphrase of this with an independent preposition instead of the allative ending -nna (see an #1). Compounded in Falmari, a name of the Teleri, and Mar-nu-Falmar, "Home/Land under Waves", a name of Númenor after the Downfall. (SA:falas) Falmari "wave-folk", a name of the Teleri (PM:386). In earlier "Qenya", falma was glossed "foam" (LT1:253, cf. MC:213). Compare also the early "Qenya" words falmar "wave as it breaks" (LT1:253), pl. falmari "waves" (MC:216)_



solmë noun "wave" (LT1:266)

* falmari


The name is Quenya and related to the word falma "wave". The singular term may have been Falmar or Falmaro meaning "wave-er" (cf. ending -ro).[source?] In The Silmarillion the Teleri of Aman are simply known as 'the Teleri', from the Vanyar and Noldor point of view; in fact the Teleri of Aman were properly just the branch of that people.

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Sindarin 

* gôl

noun. wave
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Qenya 


noun. wave, wave (as it breaks), foamcrest, wave as it breaks
Qenya [LT1A/Falman.011; MC/216.1304; MC/220.4001-2; PE16/060.2301-2; PE16/062.1401-2; PE16/072.1801-2; PE16/074.1501-2; PE16/075.0601; PE16/075.0603; PE16/077.0701-3; PE16/077.3101-3; PE16/100.0404; PE16/104.0404; QL/037.2301] Group: Eldamo. Published by


collective name. Sea-elves

Another name for the Teleri appearing in a name list from the 1930s (LR/403). It seems to be a combination of vea² “sea” and the plural of Elda “Elf”.

Qenya [LR/403.4106; LRI/Veaneldar.001] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. wave
Qenya [LT1A/Solosimpi.017; PME/085.7403; QL/085.5901] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. wave
Qenya [QL/104.4001] Group: Eldamo. Published by



noun. wave, wave, billow
Gnomish [GL/67.2001; GL/68.3801] Group: Eldamo. Published by