Sindarin 


noun. children of Eru

Eru (God) + hîn (pl. of hên “child”)

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collective name. Children of Eru (God)

The Sindarin equivalent of Q. Eruhíni “Children of God” (LB/354). This name is a combination of Q. Eru “God” and the lenitied plural chîn of hên “child”.

Conceptual Development: This name first appeared in the tales of the Fall of Númenor from the 1940s as the Adûnaic word #Êruhin, attested only in its plural forms Êruhîn(im) (SD/247-8, 311). In this period, the Adûnaic name was sometimes written with a short E: Eruhîn (SD/358). In the 1950s Tolkien introduced the Quenya form of the word, Eruhin (MR/320, WJ/403), but it occasionally still appeared as Eruhîn (MR/330, Let/345). It is unclear whether these later examples are Adûnaic, the Quenya plural without the final i, the Sindarin form without the soft-mutation ch, or the Sindarin form of the Quenya variant Q. Erusēn (MR/423, RGEO/66). The only clear example of the Sindarin form Eruchîn appears in “The Lay of Leithian Recommenced” from the 1950s (LB/354).

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