êphal êphalak îdô hi-akallabêth

far far away now (is) She-that-hath-fallen

The 14th (and final) phrase of the Lament of Akallabêth (VT24/12). The first two words êphal “far” and êphalak “far away” are repeated adjectives (or adverbs), the second with the added suffix -ak. This suffix either means “away” or is some kind of emphatic marker; see the -ak entry for further discussion. The third word îdô “now” is an adverb. The last word Akallabêth “The Downfallen” is the Adûnaic name for Númenor after its destruction. It is prefixed with the pronoun hi “she”, turning the name into a small sentence “She that hath fallen”.

The typescript version (and all earlier versions) had īdōn “now (is)” instead of īdō “now” (SD/247, 312). See the entry for îdô for further discussion.

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